Song List

A Peck On the Cheek Á la Politique
Call To Arms
Capital Is Wonderful
Cursing This Audacity
Haranguing The Boisterous Buffoons
Heart And Soul
Heaven’s Just A Short Journey From Platform 4a
Here Comes Your Pain
Honours In Spades
Hope’s Not Enough Son, Ask Your Parents
How To Be Successful In A World Of Failure
I Catch The Last Bus Home With The Driver Of The Flying Scotsman
If the C.A.P.’s Flat, Then Waive It
It’s Our Business To Say No
It’ll All End In Cheers
Let’s Jive While We’re Still Alive
May God Forgive Us For We Are But Women
My Account Of The Revelation
My Grandfather’s Cluck
Not The Full English Breakfast
Propping Up the Nose of the King
Race To The Bottom
Tax The Richer
The Freedom Of The Street
The Happiest People Under The Sun (Part 1)
The Nose Of The King
The Original Sin
The Power Of Positive Deviance
Theme From The Basher
This Is Our Decade Of Living Cheaply And Getting By
This Is Our Decade Of Living Cheaply And Getting By – Reprise
Tolerance And Respect
Tradesman’s Utopia
Turning Difficulties Into Goals
Weddings, Parties, Anything…
Well, Belle
(When It’s) Cold In Summer
Who Works The Weather?
Wholesome Ways To Change The World
Work Dulls The Senses