May God Forgive Us For We Are But Women

Soft lights, sweet music, the seduction of a nightcap –
Such are the means by which all masterpieces grow.
I’ll feed the goldfish if you turn off the TV and peruse with me
On how the state of things should go:

“All men are workers, but most work more than others,
Unless you’re female, in which case you were born to slave”

And how it is such notions – gift-wrapped for consumption
Dominate and trivialise the important issues of the day.

Vultures hover behind this condescending façade,
You and I, despite ourselves, lose all vestige of respect –
The sacrificial sods upon the Holy Fiscal Alter
Corrupted in truth by contemptuous neglect.

Is this what it’s all about ?
Are you really sure it’s worth shouting out?
Is this what tears your heart out over a couple of fags and unlimited stout?

In this respect there are saints worth pointing out –
Some sacrifices are surely worth the ink.
In disrespect there’s ample umbrage worth taking –
When the need to burn the tongue out is duly amplified by..ha! Drink.

Oh, you will be my final nail –
My closing down sale.

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