Cursing This Audacity

Singing songs for the One I love,
Writing words she’d never see and cursing This Audacity!
Here I am losing face with the One I love
As profit-motive sets the pace and privilege re-incarnates.

Falling out of the trees, the one-aim bandits strive to undermine us..
Implanting greed as efficiency and to hell with need.

Well I’d move the earth for the One I love,
For if I don’t somebody else will in Kremlin or on Capitol Hill.
Working flexi-time for the One I love – here’s monetary evidence
Should I pay the rent or buy more drinks?

Turning up at your door, univited, ten feet small…
I’ll eat an apple a day for I’ve heard it said it keeps the dole at bay.

Fearing hard for the One I love,
These Roundheads put too much at stake
And so before we all drown in EEC wine lakes…
I will spend an hour with the One I love ‑
She’s smiling and exquisitely frayed, superlative for her age.

Sit and talk in the sun, watching chimneys fall around us.
Fall back to earth ‑ no more soot on the sills ‑

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