It’s A Wonderful Lie

When the Truth comes to light
We stifle, we stonewall
Stand aloof and patronise
We’re boasting, self-toasting, arrogant liars

It’s a wonderful lie – it’s a wonderful lie
Deny everything that we’ve messed up in
Tell a wonderful lie – hypocritical smile
Whitewash everything, avoid that scrutiny

When the Truth hits the pan
And we’re caught with our pants down
Forced to lose the party line
And support those services
That we’ve always starved and deprived

It’s a wonderful lie – it’s a wonderful lie
Reject anything that seeks to place the blame
Tell a wonderful lie – we’re the pigs in the sky
Brainwash the electorate until they forget
We’ll just say what we like, so here’s a world-beating lie:
We now love our NHS and we’ll keep it safe
It’s a wonderful lie

“No – we took the right decisions a the right time”
“You’re just LYING”
“Right from the start we tried to throw a protective ring..”
“You’re just LYING”
“The government is doing its job:
Robust, dependable, well-prepared, and fantastic, world-beating LIARS!”
“Fantastic, world-beating LIARS!”

“All these people are wrong, and you are right?”
“Yes, and I’m very proud of our record.”

It’s a wonderful lie
“You’re taking me for a complete bloody idiot!”
Two-faced and ludicrous
Blaming someone else
It’s a wonderful lie

“Mr Speaker, I hesitate to accuse the right honourable gentlemen of obscurantism, but he’s misleading on the key points. He’s misleading, misleading, misleading…”

It’s a wonderful lie – shout the mouth and then hide
Not worth resigning for – instead we’re “learning from
It’s a wonderful lie – take the trip, test your eyes
Denying everything that we’ve messed up in

We’re getting on with it – we’re taking the tough decisions”
“Why don’t you tell the truth?”
“Absolute poverty, relative poverty, absolute poverty, relative poverty – we’re getting on with it!”
“Robust, dependable, well prepared”
“Robust, dependable, well-prepared”
“…and I’m very proud of our record”

It’s a wonderful lie – it’s a wonderful lie
Accountability is a fallacy
It’s a wonderful lie.

“Is that not the case?”
“Why not?”

It’s a wonderful lie – though ironically fine
Watching Conservatives turning socialists…
Finding money all right when the need should arise
Shocked interventionists forced to splash the cash
It’s a wonderful sight – though for a very short time
We watched scared Conservatives turning socialists…

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