dEBRA 2021

(Original lyrics bIG*fLAME with alterations by Alan Brown)

Singing songs for Debra
Writing words she’d never see, and
Cursing This Audacity!

Here I am losing face with Debra
As profit motive sets the pace
And privilege re-incarnates

Falling out of the trees
Hanging on as these
One-aim bandits strive to undermine us
Implanting greed as efficiency
And to hell with need

Well, I’d move the earth for Debra
If I don’t somebody else will
In Kremlin or Capitol Hill
I’m working flexitime for Debra
Here’s monetary evidence –
Should I pay the rent or buy more drinks?
Buy more drinks!

Turning up at your door
Turning up as before
Uninvited, ten feet small
I’ll eat an apple a day – eat an apple a day
It keeps our foes at bay

Fearing hard for Debra
These clownheads put too much at stake
So before we all go and dance down the Foodbank Way
I will spend an hour with Debra –
She’s smiling and exquisitely frayed
Superlative for her age

Sitting tall in the sun
Sit and talk in the sun
We watch the High Street close around us
Still closing down the years
No fulfilment here
Uncertain in this hazy future

 When will this story end?

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