Race To The Bottom

Smile son, let’s go and give thanks:
The government hasn’t increased the tax rates
For businesses such as Corporation Tax
‘Cos business needs all its money
Creating jobs and wealth (or so that’s what they’ll say)

So stay healthy and clean up your plate
The government is cutting the budgets for
Everything that you’re entitled to
To get us out of this big hole –
That’s the one we didn’t dig (but you’d think that we had)

Racing to the bottom
Avarice at the top

Smile hun, ‘cos I’m losing my service job
Don’t want to hamper those entrepreneurs and financiers
Who will usher in national growth
‘Cos we don’t need no education
Best keep the people dumbed down (so they don’t get ideas above their station)

Smile Toraigh and give your friends huge amounts
Of tax money whilst health and welfare are cut
How come the rich are given more money as an incentive to work harder
Whereas the poorer have money taken away as an incentive to work harder?
As an incentive to work longer?

Racing to the bottom
Avarice at the top

And so we’ll run son, as if our keks are on fire
We’re giving up on the bottom
The bottom 99%
All for the sake of the richest 1%
We’re in a race to the bottom
Where the loser loses first
But the richer still win
And the people come last

So we will run love, and get the washing in
We’re in a race to the bottom
Capitalism comes first
Where the people don’t count
Just a resource to be exploited
To keep the privileged few
Feeding at the top table.

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