Call To Arms

Lay down your arms, sit down beside me
Lay down your arms – we can resolve this thing peacefully
You have your faults, I have my weakness
Lay down your arms – my white flag’s beside me

And if it’s not you then it’s me – oppressively brutal and frightening

Come to my arms, lay down beside me
Come to my arms – we can sort this thing easily.
I have my faults, you have your weakness
Lay down your arms – come freeze and thaw with me

And if it’s not me then it’s you – impressively fruitful, enlightening

One step forward, two steps backwards
That’s the way the money goes
You’re not bleeding, bleeding obvious
Burning bridges and bombing the roads

One step backwards, two steps forwards
That’s the way the honey flows
I’m not bleeding, bleeding noxious
Building bridges – restoring the roads

Lay down

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