My Grandfather’s Cluck

Well, nothing drastic has been done
The Year of Peace became the Year of the Gun
With military spending still second to none
Giving National Debts the size of Generals’ pensions.

Social priorities take second place
Pounding my pocket to spit in my face
Where’s the logic of spending such sums on “defence”
When there’ll be nothing worth defending?

Is this the queue for The Hospital Bed?
I fought for my country – now I’m old and discarded
The hole in my shoes goes with the hole in my head
Through which strangers only see profit.

So here we are tonight, my love,
Bombarded with terror, smothered in fright
Thanks to those who’re in the business of war
Why should and how could I write love songs?

“Action produces hope, and inaction produces despair.”

Nothing matters very much
And very few things matter at all.
Ha ha ha ha.

“Don’t be afraid of change – it’s right to rebel.”

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