This Is Our Decade Of Living Cheaply And Getting By – REPRISE

This is our decade of living cheaply and getting by
But more to the point:
WHY is this our decade of penny-pinching and paying a price?
We’re not here to be servient to the frailties of demand and supply!

I’m glad you don’t have obsessions with making money as the be-all of life
For rounded humans with feelings
are of more value than those selfish pin stripes
To a judicious society – where it’s tolerant, fair, gentler and kind

If this is our decade of living cheaply and getting by, then
Many ventures cost nothing,
and give more happiness, fulfilment and pride –
A surrogate Age of Plenty – where life is priceless and no money can buy.

Open up the hatches, what solutions can we find?
Focus on the values that bring together, not divide
This will be our decade of aspiration – hope is for life.

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