This Is Our Decade Of Living Cheaply And Getting By

Batten the hatches and tighten your belts (again)
Paying the price for the failures of laissez-faire

We’ve been here before, girls – or have you forgotten all those rainy days
They’ve boomed now we’re busted –
we’re taking the brunt for their gambling ways
Our savings are worth less – let’s hitch a tax hike down Austerity Way
All our plans for the future have been Way-laid and then magicked away

So batten the hatches and tighten our belts (again)
Look what’s in power – well, you know what happens next…

We’ve seen it before, boys – it’s come full circle but now with added interest
Slashing public spending, taking machetes to the services’ needs
All for feeding the systems sustaining wealth for the few who won’t bleed

Politicians serving their market friends
Politicians scared of their banking friends

Serve the markets, serve the wealthy
Serve the markets, serve the wealthy
To save their world, we’re getting screwed for more and more and more and more and more and more..

We’ve been here before love – yet again the need for radical change
So with the people now taking the streets
When their future’s bleak then how much further will they go?

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