Wholesome Ways To Change The World

Land investment has been dwindling for years
Extremes of weather added to my fears
I’ll take the low road to the City of Dreams
Where the good life’s an illusion and the squalor is real

Take charge of our futures, reject feudal owners
And manage our livestock together we are all strong
Build up the stone walls that trap vital water

Wholesome ways to change the world:

I couldn’t read and I couldn’t write
My husband beat me hard every night
I worked long days over 18 hours
For what my famly needs and the greed of the powers

We broke free from poverty, expanded technically
Our land now grows coffee that sells well in Sainsburys
On farms run by wives we have seized back our lives

Wholesome ways to change the world:
Civil ears, civil eyes, civil ears, civilised.

(Your back yard)
We’ll grow our food mountains and manage our water
Control the resources that belong to the people
For these lands were made for you and me

Wholesome ways to change the world
Where do you wanna go today to change the world?
Where do you wanna go?

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