Let’s Jive While We’re Still Alive

This is a ballad for the young at heart
A ballad for the young in mind
“Do I have the strength? Do I have the will?”
As the poet said when he failed his quill – yet again.

So here’s a ballad for the sullen world
But especially for my Brazen Pearl
“I will save the Earth with my Dutch Courage”
Or so the liar claimed as he faked his rage – yet again.

“Would you like some coffee?
Would you like a mug or would you prefer a cup?”

If this mug made an apology would you sit back and lap it up?
I’m told it hurts so much to be cast in bliss
But I’m happy to be plastered in my lover’s hips, yeah .. .

Save me! Save me for the millionth time
From the desperations of this modern life
And although our assets accumulate to less than none
I think the groundwork’s laid for better things to come.

And on that note I’ll wait up for you
Safe in the knowledge.

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